Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Federal Election in the Victoria riding


Clearly the NDP is comfortable in this riding and I suspect will make gains in the vote and Denise Savoie is headed back to Ottawa. She has been ok as an MP given the limitations of being in the number four party in parliament and having been a first term MP. The one exchange she has been part of that bothered me the most is this one with Terry Glavin. Take a few minutes to read it, it highlights the problem of sound bite responses to complex international situations.

The Liberals are not bad in getting signs on lawns from supporters in the past, but the on the ground campaign seems to be non existent.

Jack McClintock of the Conservatives has the most active of all the campaigns. They have been out in the morning rush hours three to five times a week, they have knocked on every door in the riding, they have been getting their brochures into people's hands, and they have a full E-day team ready. You take this all with a grain of salt as I must admit to you I am a supporter of Jack's and been out there campaigning for him. I have my fourth sign up for him. I live in a strongly NDP neighbourhood and on a moderately busy street, the first three signs were stolen.

Adam Saab and the Greens - other than Steve Filipovic's obvious hard work, I see very little evidence of their campaign on the ground. This is a shame given how well the party did here in 2004 and then in the 2005 municipal elections.

We also have John Cooper running for the Christian Heritage Party. I know nothing about him and know I do not agree with the party platform.
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