Monday, October 06, 2008

News to catch up

I have been slow to post about the local election over the last few days, life has intervened and the hours in the day have been reduced to not enough to get everything done.

In Oak Bay we have a Green running, Corey Burger. I believe he will have the formal Green label on the ballot (added detail from some hours later, Corey commented here that he will have Green Party behind is name on the ballot). Details of his campaign are on his website.

Bob Gillespie has confirmed he is not running for re-election to Saanich council. We still do not formally know about Jackie Ngai, but I have heard she is not running for re-election.

I hear stories about some more candidates for Esquimalt, though I have not seen anything firm from anyone at this point.

There is also some controversy locally about the teacher's association being willing to provide assistance to candidates running for school board if they sign on to a pledge. I may not be in accord with some of the things the teachers union does, I do not have a problem with this action. In my opinion, way too many school board trustees across BC are former principals and superintendents, as long as they are running I do not see the a problem with the union formally back candidates.

I will try to get the full list of everyone running as soon as they are formally released by the local governments, though given the long weekend and election day on the 14th, I may not get details up here till Wednesday the 15th.

Once again, thanks to those of you have sent me information on candidates and such, if you hear of any others or know of websites, please let me know.
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