Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ben Isitt's Endorsements

From: Ben Isitt <>
Date: Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 3:00 PM

Dear friend,

I have been asked about my voting intentions for Saturday's municipal election in the City of Victoria. It has not been an easy decision but here are my choices -- candidates whose platforms, track records, and stated positions on the issues come closest to my values and my vision for a socialist, environmentally sustainable society. Ending homelessness and ecosystem loss are top priorities for me in this election.

Voters are faced with a crowded field. In future elections, a unified left campaign may provide the best means for moving our city and region in a progressive direction.



Steve Filipovic - for his courage to support a different path on homelessness, respecting the Supreme Court ruling and proposing the diversion of funds from policing toward long-term solutions


Rose Henry - for her commitment as a social justice activist
John Luton - for his track record moving us away from a car culture
Sonya Chandler - for her work as an independent voice at City Hall
Phillippe Lucas - for his expertise on harm reduction strategies
Pam Madoff - for her record challenging ill-considered development and protecting Victoria's cultural heritage
Lynn Hunter - for her experience as a progressive legislator and track record on environmental issues
Simon Nattrass - for demonstrating leadership and giving voice to the concerns of young people
Diana Smardon - for her vision and forward-looking policy proposals for Victoria's future


Peg Orcherton
John Young
Bev Horsman
Mike Hayes
Catherine Alpha
Starla Anderson
Tamara Malczewska

VOTE! SATURDAY, NOV 16 8am-8pm

Bring along two pieces of ID, one with your address
You must be a Canadian citizen, a BC resident for at least 6 months,
and a Victoria resident for at least 30 days.

Voting Places:

Burnside-Gorge Community Centre 471 Cecilia Road

Central Baptist Church 833 Pandora Avenue

Fairfield New Horizons Centre 380 Cook Street

George Jay School 1118 Princess Street

Glenlyon Norfolk School 801 Bank Street

James Bay Community School 140 Oswego Street

James Bay New Horizons Centre 234 Menzies Street

Oaklands School 2827 Belmont Street

Quadra School 3031 Quadra Street

Sir James Douglas School 401 Moss Street

Sundance School 1625 Bank Street

Vic West Community "Y" 521 Craigflower Road

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