Thursday, November 13, 2008

Endorsements from the Conservation Voters of BC

(Victoria, BC) The Conservation Voters of BC (CVBC) announced its municipal election endorsements today. CVBC has chosen to endorse only within three selected municipalities: Victoria, Vancouver and Saanich. We have selected 2 mayoral candidates and 11 city council candidates.
“All the candidates endorsed have strong records on the environment and will make great contributions to municipal politics over the next three years,” said Christianne Wilhelmson, chair of CVBC. “Local issues are at the heart of sustainability and we believe these candidates will ensure a ground up approach to solving key issues like global warming.”
CVBC is a non-partisan organization and has chosen candidates based on carefully screened criteria.
CVBC has played an important role in helping elect environmentally minded candidates in previous federal, provincial and municipal elections. 16 of the 20 candidates it has endorsed have been elected. Conservation voters often campaigns on behalf of the candidates it endorses and has played a key role in tight races in the province.
Information: Christianne Wilhelmson , Chair (604) 862-7579

Endorsed Municipal Candidates
November 12, 2008

  • Candidate Municipality Office
  • Dean Fortin Victoria Mayor
  • John Luton Victoria Council
  • Lynn Hunter Victoria Council
  • Pam Madoff Victoria Council
  • Sonya Chandler Victoria Council
  • Phillippe Lucas Victoria Council
  • Gregor Robertson Vancouver Mayor
  • Heather Deal Vancouver Council
  • Andrea Reimer Vancouver Council
  • Dean Murdock Saanich Council
  • Judy Brownoff Saanich Council
  • Vic Derman Saanich Council
  • Rob Wickson Saanich Council
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