Friday, November 14, 2008

City of Victoria Candidates Worth a Mention

I did not get to meet many of the candidates that are running, there are simply too many and there are too many good candidates out there. Here are some people you may wish to consider that I have not met or know enough about:

John Farquharson - He and I have been meaning to meet and talk, it is a shame we have not had a chance to do so as I believe he is the sort of person that fits my criteria for support. Many people I know are voting for him. For me to vote for him, I would have to drop someone I already promised I would for. Consider this a thumbs up for him.

Rose Henry - She is campaigning much harder this time for council than last time. I voted for her last time and would vote for her if I could chose more than 8 people. She would add a lot to council if she was elected, but it could be a bumpy time with her on council.

Barry Hobbis - The harbour ferry man is someone I might be able to support, but I already have a list of more candidates than there are council positions. I did not meet him. He is supported by many people in the business community.

Wayne Hollohan - I had been meaning to meet with him and get to know him, but time got in the way. From what I hear, he would be able to serve well on council. Reports from some indicate he is more in favour of status quo than in favour of more development.

Tim Van Alstine - I do not know enough about him to know if he is someone I would be comfortable voting for. From what I hear, he is on the greenish left side of things and is more than able to be a councilor.

Pieta VanDyke - She was on council in the past and is a person fully capable of being on council. She strikes me as much more maintain the status quo than I like.
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