Friday, November 14, 2008

Information About This Blog

Since I notice that Jody Paterson mentioned this blog in her column today in the TC and since I see more and more new people are looking at it each day, I thought I would quickly explain what is on here.

As you scroll down the right hand side you will see links to many places. First is a set of places you can find more information about candidates. Then comes my personal recommendations of who I like in the local election. After this is the subject headings for posts. After this is the full list of all candidates in the region.

I have tried to find a link to each and every candidate running for office in this region, the name will be a clickable link if I found a website to link to. I have also put prominent endorsements and slates behind candidate names.

I decided to do this for the 2008 election because of the frustration I felt in 2005 when I was trying to find out about the candidates running in Victoria. I also saw the trouble friends of mine had when they ran in 2005 because they could not get the word out.
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