Friday, November 14, 2008

Interesting facebook email I got from Kristen Woodruff who is running for mayor of Victoria, she is endorsing Steve Filipovic for mayor.

Kristen Woodruff Endorsing Steve Filipovic For Mayor Of Victoria


She's going around with Steve this morning to all the different media outlets. She's in the process of writing a press release which I will forward as soon as I get it. Steve does have a good write-up in MONDAY magazine and stands to win this election, partially based on the fact that Fortin and Ried have shot themselves in the foot with their stance on the Supreme Court ruling.

She writes, "I don't see eye to eye with steve on all issues, but I do agree with the kind of man he is. Honestly committed to protecting the people from the narrow interests of the business class, etc, etc."

So, ... there you go. There will be an official press release soon enough.
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