Friday, November 14, 2008

The News Group Papers and the Election

I have been disappointed by the News Group papers and their coverage of the local elections. I would have thought they are the one media outlet that would have looked into all the candidates, examined their platforms and given the public the information that is needed to make an informed decision tomorrow.

The Victoria News, Saanich News, Oak Bay News, Peninsula News Review, Goldstream News Gazette and the Sooke Mirror are the local papers that go into almost every mail slot in the city. They are focused on covering the local communities. So why are they not doing a lot more on the elections?

Langford has a very contentious election going on, I went to read more about it all on the Goldstream Gazette and found very little.

Victoria has 35 people running for council, two of them that do not even live in this area. Why has the Victoria News not investigated the background of the candidates? Why are they not focusing attention on the most serious candidates and letting us know about them?

The only local paper that has done some reasonable coverage has been Monday Magazine.
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