Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CRD Water

I wonder why the CRD has not constructed a power plant at the Sooke Resovoir and make electrical power from the water going through the dam?

I wonder why we do not have a small turbine at the end of Beaver lake at the dam before the water goes down into Colquitz Creek?

We have water in both locations already dammed and stored. We have the water flowing downhill, why is it not doing some work for all of us? The power produced at Beaver Lake would be a very small amount, but even if one could get 500 KWh, this would produce an income of about $190 000 a year from green power sales. The Sooke resevoir has the potential of producing a lot more power than that.

So what possible rational reason is there for why we are not doing this right now?
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