Tuesday, February 24, 2009

South Skirt Mountain

Langford held their public consultation into this development and if the TC reports are anything to go by, it was not a pleasant evening. I am not sure why Stu Young is so combative with people, he should be able to relax given the very strong mandate he received in November. His team comfortably defeated the Langford team. His team's win is a strong endorsement of more developments like the South Skirt Mountain one.

On the surface, I think that the development is a very good one for that location, but I have some issues to raise.

1) Does everything in Langford really need to be that adversarial?

2) Is this really where we need to build more houses? The core of the region has more than enough space to absorb the numbers but in general is not taking the responsibility for housing more people, the worst culprit being Oak Bay.

3) Can this sort of development realistically go ahead without having the Mackenzie interchange? That location is the biggest choke point in the region as almost all the Westshore traffic is funnelled through this one intersection before splitting into two major streams, one to downtown and out towards UVic.
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