Monday, February 16, 2009

James Bay - the start

I spent a couple of afternoons in James Bay looking around. From my first impressions what I saw.

The 60s and 70s were not kind to the area, not only are the buildings tall, they are ugly and do not connect to the street level.

A lot of people are out and walking, much more so than most other neighbourhoods in the city.

The neighbourhood is isolated from the rest of the city - that is obvious - but it is also isolated from the water. On the north side James Bay is hemmed in by hotels, on the west side by Ogden Point and on the south side by Dallas road and the seawall. The neighbourhood focuses people into the centre and not towards the water.

There is a reasonable amount of local shopping for the basics, but for many things you would have to go further afield. There is no place shop for clothes, there is really not enough retail to allow people to stay within walking distance.

James Bay also has no local library, though the downtown Victoria branch is not that far.

For school, as soon as kids are in grade six they have to travel 3km to get to Central Middle School and in grade nine close to 4 km to get to Vic High. This is a reflection of the fact that James Bay is separated from the rest of the city.

For seniors there do seem to the services and support people need in the neighbourhood.

I am reading through some of the online resources for the neighbourhood. There is a good discussion at Vibrant Victoria and the James Bay Beacon is also a good online source
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