Saturday, February 21, 2009

Victoria Seals

So, is anyone going to go out and see the Victoria Seals?

Their season starts on the road. Their first home game is May 29th at Royal Athletic Park versus Long Beach.

The price for the tickets is bit steep in my opinion. They run from $12 to $16 and no discount for kids unless they are under 6. If I go with my family, this will run us $60 to $80 before we pay for any drinks or hotdogs. I figure we will be lucky to get away with paying $100 for an afternoon of minor, minor league baseball.

The Golden Baseball League is an independent league so does not formally fit into the classification of AAA, AA or A, but based on what I see, it looks like single A.

I think that the admission prices are high, they should be realistic in the first season and draw in some fans to watch. No fans and there will be no team in the long term.

I also can not see anything about any broadcasting of the games. All teams should be providing a live streaming play by play on the internet for all games home and away. You need to build a connection to the team and that means letting us folks at home being able to follow the games and the teams.

I will try to get to a game early in the season just for the fun of sitting in the stands and bullshitting with some friends. I also figure I need to do it early in the season because there is no guarantee that the team will make it through the season
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