Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010/11 SD#61 Greater Victoria School District Budget Process

The GVSD does not make it easy to find the information about their budget process online. The budget timeline is here. The Board of Education will pass the budget on April 21st.

If you want to formally make a presentation to the trustees on the budget, here are the guidelines you need to follow.

This is the 2009/10 budget. The school district oversees a budget of close to $170 million a year. The majority of money goes towards salaries and benefits. There are 2005.44 full time equivalent staff for 18,584.8 full time equivalent students.

Meetings on the 2010/11 budget are at the following times and locations:
  • Feb 3rd 7 pm at SJ Willis 923 Topaz - Roundtable discussion on priorities
  • Mar 24th 7 pm Tolmie Boardroom 556 Boleskine Road - Public presentation of the budget
  • Mar 31st 7 pm SJ Willis - Public input meeting
  • Apr 7th 7 pm SJ Willis - Public input meeting
  • Apr 12th 7 pm SJ Willis - Public input meeting
If you want to make a presentation, you need to register ahead of time.
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