Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Victoria is the largest ferry dependent community in North America

There is no other location in North America that has as many people as Victoria and is ferry dependent. Overall Vancouver Island is the majority of ferry dependent people in North America.

There are close to 750,000 people in on Vancouver Island, all of us need the ferries to get on and off the island or to get the goods we buy. The next largest ferry dependent location is Newfoundland Island with 480,000 people.

There are a total of 1.45 million people in North America that live in ferry dependent communities. Not all of them are islands. In BC and Alaska there are a number of mainland locations that are only accessible via ferry.

Here is the full list of ferry dependent communities in North America with more than 2500 people:

BC Ferries serves 56% of the ferry dependent communities in North America.

I am posting all of this here to give people a different way to view the place we live in and how we are very unique.
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