Friday, June 04, 2010

The Homecoming Statue and the Neighbourhood Book Exchange

The other day I was looking something up and came across the Homecoming Statue which is on the inner harbour as Navy Centennial commemoration.  I can understand the sentiment for the statue, but ultimately I find it bland.

I know I am likely to be in the minority, but I like public art that is though provoking and something different.   I love the Commerce Canoe in Bastion Square.   I love the Western Washington Unversity outdoor sculpture collection, there are about 40 different works on a campus the scale of UVic.  

The sculpture is well crafted and sculptor is clearly good at his work, but I find it eerie because of the frozen nature of the moment it depicts.  I am not artist, but I wish something more evocative could have been done.

A different note here, this is from Tom Hawthorn's blog.  An Angela Evans built a neighbourhood book exchange in front of her home on Clare Street in the Gonzales neighbourhood.   The article is about a lot more, the building of a community on a street, but I was taken by the book exchange more than anything.   I am tempted to put one up.
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