Friday, June 04, 2010

Talking about the OCP

It ended up only being a small group of us here at my home this evening talking about the City of Victoria OCP.   Our focus became - "What so we mean by a sustainable city?"

Here is the 2 minute run down of what we talked about:
The two primary issues we addressed were work and housing.  

In the realm of work we focused on the dangerous trend the city is headed of only having retail/sales mcjobs and white collar work.   The problem with this is that there is more and more inequity between the people.   We are in danger of losing the blue collar jobs as we lose more and more industrial lands.

In housing we focused on many issues related to how the cost of housing is rising and what may need to be done to address this, how do we make single family homes affordable for a young couple starting out?  What do we do as much of the existing rental stock in the city becomes old and close to the end of its life.

I will write more tomorrow about the details.
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