Thursday, July 08, 2010

I am becoming a coastal wimp

I am amazed, there was a time when 40 degrees was fine by me and did not slow me down.   Now I get a couple of warm days her in Victoria and I am vaguely annoyed that my house is too warm.

I admit that in Lillooet the 0 humidity was a factor in 40 degrees being bearable.   We peaked at 32 degrees in this neighbourhood today but also had 33% humidity.

We are keeping our upstairs bedroom cool with two swamp coolers, though they are not working as well with the higher humidity.  We bought two cheap fans at Home Depot today so we could get some more air movement in the house.

In the early spring we insulated the attic - it had almost nothing and there were spots were you could see daylight.  Without this the upstairs would utterly unbearable, I have no idea how the people living here in the past managed to use the room.  

The biggest problem in our house is that we have six of us and a dog in the house, we mammals add heat and humidity to the house.

The upside is that the garden is growing like crazy.
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