Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Vantreight HIll Project

The people opposed to the Vantreight Hill project say that it contravenes the Central Saanich OCP and the Regional Growth Strategy.   I have read both documents from front to back and I can not find anything within them that says the Hill Project does not fit.

The OCP has as a first priority protecting farms and farmland - the proposal clearly does that.  For Central Saanich to get six lots consolidated into 2 lots and have a no sub-division covenant is huge and is the single biggest act to protect farm land in Central Saanich since the ALR in 1974.

The OCP calls for no urban development outside of the urban containment boundary.  The proposal is for a rural zoning that has been used before in Central Saanich and proposes a density that is seen elsewhere in rural Central Saanich.  The rural nature of Central Saanich will not be altered because of this development.

I have looked in detail at the Dogwood Initiative site and the  Residents and Ratepayers of Central Saanich and neither one has any details to explain why the current 57 house proposal is wrong.

Can anyone point out how the Hill Project contravenes the OCP?
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