Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hugh Kruzel

I had a chance to sit down and talk with him yesterday at Cranberry's Cafe on Pandora.

You can find out all you want about his positions on things at his website, so I am not going to spend time on that, instead just write about the man I met with.

Hugh is well spoken, well dressed and strongly involved with the community.   He is also outgoing, but I think he is by nature an introvert that has learned how to be gregarious in public.

He knows what one should do to get elected but is running against that from an idealistic stance.   He has been to the Manning Centre and taken a course on campaign management.  He did not want to campaign before his papers were filed.  He wants people to choose someone for council because they are the best person and have been involved with community in an ongoing way.  He has some idealized images of what the campaign should be.  

If I were to use one short phrase to describe Hugh, that would be an optimistic idealist.  He feels uncomfortable that his community involvement could be a political benefit in a campaign.  He has no team, he is not spending a bunch of money, all he is doing is letting people in his several Rolodexes know he is running and letting word of mouth work.  Part of his idealism that I strongly agree with is that people should only run for office in the jurisdictions where they can vote.

I find it interesting that he is choosing to run this way with an Anti-Campaign.  He is not like most people that run for council that have no idea how to campaign and end up running a campaign much the same has his.

On personal level Hugh and I have a lot in common, I am not certain, but I think we are in a very broad agreement on almost major political issues.  Certainly we both have that same drive to be involved with the community and we both seem to see the world as a place that can and will get better.

Wold Hugh make a good city councilor?   I am certain he would because he has a passion of the city.   I think he would cause less of a confrontation with the Mayor than Barry Hobbis or Paul Brown, by this I mean who the Mayor will see as an alpha male in opposition to him.

Can he get elected?  Short of divine intervention, nope.  This does not mean you should not vote for him because you should vote for the person you like best and not vote for a person that is more likely to defeat someone else.   There is no one that can usefully handicap who will win this by-election.  I have one vote and my vote is still going to go to Sue Woods, not because there is anything wrong with Hugh, but because I am still convinced that Sue is the right person to be elected to this council.

I would really like to see Hugh run in 2011 and run with a serious major campaign to get elected.  If he does, I will be offering to help him.

In the meantime Hugh and I are looking for an evening after the 18th to get together and share some bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau.
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