Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Denise Savoie the choice of the majority

The last time the majority of the people in the Victoria riding voted more than 50% for one candidate was in 1984 for Progressive Conservative Allan McKinnon.  The next seven elections no one achieved that important water mark.

Here are the results

  • 2011 results and changes from 2008
  • Denise Savoie NDP 30,679 (+4,236) 50.73% (+6.12)
  • Patrick Hunt Conservative 14,330 (-2,007) 23.70% (-3.86)
  • Christopher Causton Liberal 8.447 (-1,559) 13.97% (-2.91)
  • Jared Giesbrecht Green 7,015 (+763) 11.60% (+1.05)
  • TOTAL VOTE 60,471 (+1,196)
Denise Savoie is the only candidate on Vancouver Island to get a majority of the vote, though Elizabeth May was the candidate to get the most votes on the island.

The result does not surprise me on any level.   I suspect no one is surprised.

What I find interesting is that at least some Conservative voters from 2008 have to decided to vote for Denise Savoie this time around.

Victoria will now be classified as a safe NDP seat by all the pundits out there.
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