Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Esquimalt Juan de Fuca

Third lucky, third time unlucky.   Randall Garrison of the NDP wins it on his third try and Troy DeSousa of the Conservatives lost it on his third try.

  • 2011 Results and the changes from 2008
  • Randall Garrison NDP 26,198 (+12,786)  40.89% (+18.17)
  • Troy DeSousa Conservative 25,792 (+5,818)  40.25% (+6.18)
  • Lillian Szpak Liberal 6,409 (-13,633) 10.00% (-24.18%)
  • Shaunna Salsman Green 5,351 (+497) 8.35% (+0.07)
  • Louis James Lesosky Ind 181 (----)  0.28% (-----)
  • Christopher Porter CAP 145 +15) 0.23% (+0.01)
  • TOTAL VOTE  64076 (+5445)
Once again this was a close race and once again Troy DeSousa narrowly lost.   This riding could have gone either way and the one riding level poll before the election had a reasonable lead for Troy.

Liberal Lillian Szpak managed to reach the number of votes needed to qualify for rebate of election expenses by one vote.   If two fewer people had voted Liberal, the Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca Liberal riding association would not have been able to get reimbursement of about half their expenses.  Odds are these two votes are worth $25,000 to $50,000 for the local Liberals depending on how much they spent.

Randall Garrison should be a good addition to the NDP caucus in Ottawa.  This also means that three of the six island MPs are now New Democrats.  They are within striking distance of two more, Nanaimo Alberni and North Island.

Troy will not be going to Ottawa as the MP for the Mackenzie Overpass.
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