Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some help with the local elections

I got this email today, the person asked that their name not be posted.   This gives people one more person's opinion on the school board elections

Hi Bernard,

I regularly check out your blog. For a number of years I was involved in sd61 PACs and some of its committees, my kids were younger then. For at least two years I went to Board meetings. I felt I was a witness to important decisions that had so few in the audience. But I stopped going because it made me feel so sick ---toxic is more the word. Shinanegans, non-answers to questions. The majority-assured voted. The skimpy Minutes. Anyway I stopped going. I am still interested though.

Here are some other links to check out.

Victoria Public Education Coalition

Linda Travers is writing a series (read all the sections so far) about her experience attending board meetings during the last few years. I know Linda from those meetings: I think of her as a classic Nancy Drew: persistent, smart, patient.

Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils

This is the District PAC for SD61 schools. They will host two all-trustee meetings so you can check out all the candidates, Nov 9 and Nov 15. The info is on their website.

Another candidate I have run into is Deborah Nohr

She has information about herself.

Your previous entry about “plumping” your vote has strong significance for the Trustee vote. I will use this strategy.
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