Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Local Papers

Victoria News
Oak Bay News
Saanich News
Goldstream Gazette
Peninsula News Review
Monday Magazine

I find that these papers are a REAL pain in the ass to read through when delivered to the door, but I am much happier with the online versions. Online I can quickly look and see what the stories are that they are covering and read the interesting ones.

I do have an issue with the areas the papers cover. The core was once served by five papers but the Esquimalt News has been amalgamated with the Victoria News. But still have four local papers covering things based on municipal boundaries and not our neighbourhoods.

Ideally if one were change things a bit to the following:
Eastside News - focuses on news from Blanshard eastwards
Downtown News - focuses on the business core but also out to Town and Country - could include Vic West and Esquimalt, it could also include Fernwood
Westside News - focuses on Douglas westwards from Bay St northwards

These three papers would reflect the larger communities we have in our region and not the fictions that are our municipal governments.
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