Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Adam Saab Running for Greens in Victoria

The Green part chose their candidate for Victoria last night, so this rounds out the list of the 12 people running in the three local federal ridings that we will hear about in the election.

Adam Saab is 26, only recently finished his degree. He hails from my wife's hometown of Salmon Arm, where I will be this weekend for my father-in-law's 65th birthday party.

Adam seems to understand using the online world for campaigning. It will be interesting to see if make it work for him and get more votes for him.

Here is the coverage from the TC

Greens select candidate for Victoria riding

The Green Party of Canada is proud to announce their candidate, Adam Saab, to run under the Green banner in Victoria. Mr. Saab won the nomination with two other Green Party members vying for the candidacy at a small friendly gathering of Victoria Greens Monday night.

"I am running for the Green Party because I am impressed by their principled and practical policies and their commitment to creating a more responsible and democratic government," said Adam. "We are all dependent upon the balance between a strong economy and a healthy environment for our prosperity and well-being."

Adam was born in British Columbia and has worked for almost a year as a very successful volunteer coordinator in the Victoria Green Party EDA and, more recently, as an executive assistant to the leader of the Green Party of BC. He holds a bachelors degree in Philosophy and Psychology from UBC (Okanagan)
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