Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Coffee Meeting with Joesph Boutilier Today

I met with Joseph today at Discovery Coffee, my current fave place to meet our aspiring councilors.

He is young - just 18. He is full of passion to change the world to be a better and fairer place, he is also nervous and seems like an introvert by nature that is working to overcome this.

I do not think he has much chance at all of being elected to council. Getting elected to council is a hard task to do when you are known and know how to run a campaign. Joseph and his friends are very green at campaigning and he is not well known.

I like his desire to want to change things, the passion of youth. I also like the fact he is not running because he wants to be a politician as a career, but because of his desire to make a difference.

I would love to see him do well in the election, but he needs to have a strong team of volunteers in place to make any possible impression on the election. He also has to find someone to run his campaign and learn how to be the candidate.

His run for council will give him and anyone on his team some real on hands campaigning experience, the sort of learning that most people involved in politics do not begin to learn until they are in the 20s and 30s.

Will I vote for him? I am not sure yet because I need to see who else is running. I am at five people I am supporting for council and can only vote for eight. I want to meet some of the other people running. I am also not yet convinced that he has the skills needed to be an effective councilor.
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