Friday, September 19, 2008

Facebook Race for Mayor

I know this is rather meaningless in the over all picture, but since the three most serious candidates all have facebook groups, I thought I would track them on and pass on where they are at

Friday Sept 19
Dean Fortin - 111 members
Simon Nattrass - 102 members
Rob Reid - 78 members

Dean has had his group the longest and it has been stagnant at the 110 range for a while.

Simon created his group some time back but it remained very small until recently. In the last couple of weeks he has come on strong.

Rob's group started on Tuesday and is still in the first flush of people joining.

I would find it significant for the election if one of the candidates could break 500 members on their facebook group before Oct 14th. Sean McNulty running for mayor in Central Saanich has 279 members and has had that many for some time.

While I was on facebook, I found a facebook group called Draft Zeb King to Run for Central Saanich Mayor
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