Thursday, September 04, 2008

Two More Candidates for Victoria Council

Diana Smardon is back running again, but this time for Council and not mayor. In 2005 she came fourth in the race for mayor with 246 votes. She has also run for council twice before, in 1999 she came 18th out of 34 - a long way out of the money - I can not which previous election she ran in.

She is in her late 50s and running on a green and social mindness platform.

Her campaign for mayor last time was basically non existent, I did not remember she was running and I was quite closely connected to the 2005 election.

The second candidate is Joseph Boutilier. He has been on the City of Victoria Youth Council for the last four years. He is only 18, but looks like he is a very interesting candidate for council. I suspect is better prepared to be on the council than most of the new people running. I need to track him down and talk with him, I might come out in support of him. Below is his bio from the Youth Council

Joseph Boutilier
Victoria West

As a member of the City of Victoria Youth Council for about four years, I've contributed to recruitment, lobbying, research, fundraising, structure and sustainability. I helped conduct our 2005-2006 Youth Survey and built our previous (much crappier) website.

As the environment and transportation rep for the CVYC, I'm always happy to receive comments, questions and suggestions from youth about the City's municipal strategies. With the coming 2008 municipal elections, we will strive to recognize and publicize your concerns -- our concerns -- so that the agendas of candidates finally reflect youth values.

I love working with the diverse group of innovative youth that is the current CVYC, and I look forward to the inevitable day when I work alongside (or under) them in future community projects.

Away from the youth council, I enjoy nothing more than abusing all kinds of art and technology that's far too advanced for me. I also enjoy working with creative folks like me to map and connect Victoria with
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