Friday, October 31, 2008

Coffee with Chris Munkacsi

Last night I hate a coffee with Chris Munkacsi who is running for Victoria City Council. He is a 35 year old government employee that has recently moved from Fernwood to Vic West.

We met at the Spiral Cafe. It is a wonderful retro 60s coffeehouse type place and I recommend checking it out. Many nights there are music jams going on there.

Chris and I talked about a number of different things to do with the election. While I did not agree with him on everything, I was very much impressed to his desire to build stronger community in Victoria. He is bright and intelligent, listens well and is not dogmatic.

Chris still has to learn more about the role of council and what is possible for the city to do and what is not, but I have the confidence that he can learn very quickly. Voting for him is a vote for a positive future council.

Chris admits he is a dark horse in the race, his name is not well known, he does not have the resources he needs to make himself better known and he is simply one more name on a VERY long ballot. He is realistic about his chances and recognizes he is not likely going to get elected. He has thought about what he will do if he is not elected, he will devote his energies to his local community association.

Chris said he has been amazed at how much the community associations do in the city and felt they are a good place to focus more energy. I would expect to see him run again in 2011

My problem with the election is that there are more than enough candidates I would like to vote for this time around. Victorians have an embarrassment of riches of good council candidates to choose from in this election. For me to vote for him I would have to drop someone else I was planning on voting for.

Put Chris on your list of people you are considering for your vote.
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