Monday, February 09, 2009

MetroCascade - Victoria Blog Aggregator - Some thoughts about new media locally

MetroCascade is a way for you to check out what is happening with a number of blogs in the Victoria area, though I wonder about their content choices as they are including some of my stuff, go figure.

I am also trying out this Twitter thing - I am on there as bern99. The mother of my first three boys, Catherine Novak is the current Victoria Twitter Queen. She can tell you more than you want to know about new media communications and marketing.

I use Facebook, but do not use My Space or Linkln. I am not sure the social networking sites are as great as they could be. Or as useful.

One site that still kicks ass on almost all new media is the Vibrant Victoria discussion forum. It is the best place I have come across about for discussion about the future of this city.

Finally, I have recently discovered Google Calendar and I am in love with how it works. We have calendars for Sheila, myself, the house, Daniel, Ben and 3rd Douglas Scouts. The boys share their calendars with their mother. I also managed to sync it with my iPhone, now to get on the other phones in the family
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