Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blue Bridge Counter Petition Process Update

The counter petition process is going better in Victoria than I thought it would:

On Tuesday, December 22, Ross Crockford will be delivering the 5000 signatures we have collected to-date to City Hall. If you would like to help with the delivery, join us at the Bridge Petition Office (A-777 Blanshard St at Fairfield) by 12:30. Ross has arranged to hand over the gift wrapped petitions at 1:00 pm.(with press on hand . . .) and would love to be accompanied on the walk over by as many volunteers as have the time. Have you got a Christmas hat to wear??
Thank you to everyone who made it to our office party on Sunday evening. The excitement was palpable as Ross announced the numbers to date, and we all started silently calculating how many we still needed to bring in. Though we can't relax for a moment, we are getting close. It really can be done!
Yes, Virginia. There really is a Santa Claus.
Looking forward to the days ahead,
Anne Russo
Blue Bridge Volunteer Coordinator
250-704-9120 or 250-590-4809
777A Blanshard Street , Victoria

The 6300 signatures may be achievable.
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