Monday, February 15, 2010

Parking in Victoria

The City of Victoria has now shifted over to the parking kiosks with numbered stalls, I think it is time for the city to consider making more areas paid parking.

Locations close to existing kiosks would be easy to add, other areas would require new infrastructure. There are numerous locations around the city that could easily allow for metered parking:

  • North of downtown all the way to Bay and east to Quadra
  • Eastern and southern fringes of Downtown, streets like Meares between Quadra and Vancouver
  • Cook Street Village - but also all of Cook through to Bay Street
  • Hillside/Quadra Village - also all of Quadra south of there to Pandora
  • Fernwood
  • Streets around the James Bay hotels
  • All public parking on Douglas should have pay parking, this would be from the water to the boundary with Saanich
  • All of Songhees and all of the area close to Dockside Green through to the trestle to Selkirk
  • Selkirk area
I know this will take more machines, but it is not that expensive for new machines. It would also increase the revenue for the city. An extra 1000 pay spaces would add a lot to the city coffers.

I think the City should consider extending the times in parking areas, especially non core ones. They should also lo0k at making some areas more expensive than others. Increase the cost per hour downtown and lower further out.

The City should also consider lengthening the times parking has to be paid for.

Finally, the city owns five parkades in downtown, is this really the highest and best of the resources of the City of Victoria to be owning parkades? Why not sell them to the private sector with a covenant that they must provide a specified number of parking spaces? The money from the sale of the sites would allow the city to build a new rec centre without having to borrow money. The expansion of the street paid parking and other changes I suggested, should make up for the lost parkade revenues. The city would also get property taxes for these sites, this is worth something.

Frankly, I would hire a company to manage all the street parking for a guaranteed amount per year with pro rated amount above a certain level.
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