Friday, May 28, 2010

Oak Bay Teaparty - June 5-6

OK, Max is old enough that we are considering going to the Oak Bay Teaparty.   It has been a LONG time since I was last at the teaparty (link is to some info on the new US movement that stole the name, Oak Bay should sue).

The last time I went was in 1988 with Steve Holland and Phil Hoover.   We came armed with a tape recorder and were investigating the use and abuse of tea in Oak Bay for our late night radio program The Anarchist Teaparty - the link has nothing do with our show of the time.  Actually the most professional part of our show were the posters Rob Passingham did for us, in writing this I am wondering how to get a hold of Rob and see if he has any posters left from that time.

The piece we aired was medium funny - us asking the organizers about tea as if it an illicit substance.  That, along with everything else we did over three years on the show, has been lost.  

I will post some pictures of Max and rides and such after the event.
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