Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Resignation of Sonya Chandler from Victoria City Council

Sonya Chandler, Green party two term Victoria city councilor, is resigning effective September 1st.   She is stepping down because she has a chance to study in Europe.

The impact of this means we will have a by-election in the City of Victoria this fall, I assume this is will be in conjunction with referendum on borrowing for whatever the city plans are for the Johnson Street Bridge.

This by-election will be different that a normal election for a number of reasons

  • It will be dominated by one major issue - the bridge
  • There will be no incumbents running
  • This is the only election going and therefore will get media coverage
  • Each person only gets one vote and not eight

So who will run?

  • I suspect Rob Randall of the Downtown Residents Association will run.   He came a distant 9th last time
  • The Greens should be considering running someone as this is one their few elected members in Canada that is stepping down.   I am uncertain of who they would run
  • The NDP/Victoria Labour Council I suspect will back someone, but there are no clear names that come to mind
  • I see Rose Henry trying again, she placed 11th in 2008 and not that far behind Rob Randall
  • Wayne Hollohan and Tim Can Alstine are two candidates from 2008 that I could see running again.  They come with strong backgrounds in community associations.
  • The business community may or may not come together to back someone.   If they did and that person won, this would change the dynamic of council significantly.  Currently there are five councilors from the NDP/Green side of the spectrum and three from the centre to centre right.   With a business backed candidate winning, this would make it a four four tie and require the mayor to the the deciding vote on every issue divided by ideology.
  • The people with the best organization to win a council seat at the people behind the Blue Bridge petition, but I am not sure if they have anyone to back.   It could be Rob Randall, and if it is, then he really becomes the front runner in the race.

Given the scale of the task to get elected to council, people that are serious need to start right now and build their team.   To get elected you need a team of people, doing it on your own is not going to cut it.   Serious candidates have to be looking around for their campaign manager and need to asking their core supporters how much money they will donate to the campaign.   People seriously expecting to get elected should count on having to come up with at least 30 volunteers and $10,000 before September.

I was asked earlier today if I would run by two different people - I said that I do not have the money or a campaign manager and without those it is not something to even talk about.

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