Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Jennifer Hastie in support of Rose Henry

I know that Barry Hobbis, Marianne Alto and Steve Filipovic are going gung ho in the campaign and you can see them around, so I thought I would post something in relation to Rose Henry - though I am voting for Susan Woods


October 26, 2010

I have known Rose Henry since we first came to Victoria in 2001 through
the alternate newspaper, “Streetnewz.” Rose is one of our vendors.

I am really pleased to see that Rose is running for a position on City
Council in the byelection on November 20, 2010. Rose has run for a Council
seat in previous elections. In the last election, she drew over 3,370 votes.

Why vote for Rose? Because Rose truly represents the disadvantaged
people in our community. Rose has been homeless; she is a Native Indian from
the Powell River area; she is female. What other candidates would know more
than she does about these minority groups?

Rose is not full of academic rhetoric. She is not speaking out of both sides
of her mouth, as many candidates do—saying that they care but then never
putting their support behind anything that will change the situation in our society
for the oppressed. Rose cares; she lives and she breathes poverty. More than
any other candidate, she knows what needs to be done to improve social

The final point that makes me believe in Rose is that she has the ability to
handle conflict in a respectful way. She is able to disagree without hostility,
name-calling or abusive language. I consider this quality valuable for any

Do turn out to vote for Rose Henry in this byelection. Let’s see some
change in attitude toward helping the homeless get housed and getting help for
any mental health or addiction problems that they may be facing.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Hastie, retired social worker, living in James Bay.
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