Thursday, June 09, 2011

Chatterton Way

There are six small office buildings located on Chatterton Way just off of the top end of Quadra Street.   They are only three stories tall but are home to many small offices for financial services or medical specialists.  

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The big problem with this site is that is was not built with enough parking for the people that work there and the clients.   Showing up there mid day often means you need to circle around for sometime to find a place to park.

The very location for the development has always seemed odd to me.  The nature of these buildings is that they feel isolated and like you need to take a car to get there.   The access to the location with transit, but really only from one route.

 It is disconnected from anything around it.   It is not that far from Broadmead or Royal Oak, but very clearly not connected in people's minds.   The distance from the office buildings in Royal Oak on West Saanich Road to the offices on Chatterton Way is just over 100 metres as the crow flies, but the feel is as if they are in completely different neighbourhoods.

I am not sure what the thinking was that went into the construction of these buildings or what the long term plans are for the location, but at the moment it feels like a failure.
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