Thursday, December 08, 2011

City of Victoria Council Appointments

  • Planning and Land Use: Alto (chair), Helps, and Madoff
  • Corporate Services: Coleman (chair), Alto, and Gudgeon
  • Community Development, Environment, and Infrastructure: Thorton-Joe (chair), Isitt, and Young
  • Youth Council: Helps
  • Honorary Citizen: Thorton-Joe
  • Conference Centre Advisory: Alto and Madoff
  • CRD Board of Directors: Fortin, Young, Isitt, and Alto - Alternates (in order): Coleman, Madoff, Thorton-Joe, and Helps
  • CRD Arts Advisory: Madoff
  • CRD Hospital Board: Fortin, Young, Isitt, and Alto - Alternates (in order): Coleman, Madoff, Thorton-Joe, and Helps
  • CRD Regional Housing Trust Fund Commission: Thorton-Joe
  • CRD Water Supply Commission: Isitt, Gudgeon, Helps, Coleman - Alternates (in order): Young, Thorton-Joe, Alto, Madoff
  • Board of Cemetary Trustees of Greater Victoria: Thorton-Joe
  • CREST: Young
  • Downtown Victoria Business Association: Alto
  • Greater Victoria Airport Authority Consultation Committee: Isitt
  • Greater Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee: Helps
  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority: Gudgeon
  • Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association Board: Fortin and Coleman
  • Greater Victoria Public Library Board: Madoff
  • Royal MacPherson Theatre Society Board: Madoff
  • Provincial Capital Commission Board: Young and Isitt
  • Tourism Board of Directors: Gudgeon
  • Tourism Destination and Marking: Gudgeon
  • Victoria Civic Heritage Trust: Madoff
  • Victoria Heritage Foundation: Madoff
  • Victoria Parks and Recreation Foundation: Gudgeon
  • Victoria Regional Transit Commission: Fortin and Alto

Neighbourhood Associations

  • Burnside-Gorge Community Association: Thorton-Joe
  • Downtown-Blanchard Advisory Committee: Isitt
  • Downtown Residents Association: Helps
  • Fairfield-Gonzales Community Association: Madoff
  • Fernwood Community Association: Young
  • James Bay Neighbourhood Association: Coleman
  • North Jubilee Neighbourhood Association: Gudgeon
  • North Park Neighbourhood Association: Gudgeon
  • Oaklands Community Association: Alto
  • Rockland Neighbourhood Association: Isitt
  • South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association: Gudgeon
  • Vic West Community Association: Helps

Above Appointments to be reviewed after 18 months.

Acting Mayor:
December - Marianne Alto
January- Charlayne Thorton-Joe
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