Wednesday, November 07, 2012

James Bay All Candidates Meeting - full beyond capacity

I tried to go to the all candidates meeting in James Bay this evening and unfortunately I got there at 6:40 pm and it was already well over capacity.   While I was outside more than 200 people were turned away.   There were about 200 people inside and another 30 or more outside by the windows trying to listen in.

There will be some more all candidates meetings, though I do not know when yet.   In the meantime, I offer you this set of tweets from Daniel Palmer, Vic News Reporter at the event.   You can find more if you search #yyjbyelxn or go to this link at Storify - my first attempt at using it.

Daniel's tweets are in reverse chronological order

  says transfering  harbour to local authority should be considered.

Q on  harbour traffic.  says it's an accident waiting to happen. 
 gets heckled by a few in crowd when he mentions how Cdns are proud to wear flag abroad. "Not anymore," one man shouts.

Q on foreign affairs.  recounts days as student in Jerusalem,  goes to issue of refugee rights.

On Cohen salmon report, Gann says stewardship vital, Rankin says Cohen took time to point out dangers of cutting fisheries. 
  calls Cohen report "great," says govt response was "disastrous." Serious issues with farming as it is, he says.
Gann: "I've met lots of ladies that have equivalent jobs in pay so I think things are changing."  Romney likely to agree.
 Audience boos  for his claim  is equally protecting Canada's rights.
 we're onto  now. Lame prediction: Everyone but Gann will be opposing this.
 All candidates agree, a national housing strategy is needed in Canada.
  says infrastructure focus needs to be on connecting  with ferries, airport, universities.
 and  agree on need to establish stable, long-term funding for infrast. projects with local input.
 seems to be waking up a little, moves to front of stage to talk transportation. Says time for study is passed, get on with it.
  asks for show of hands on who wants weed legalization. Nearly entire room raises hands. Gann avoids endorsing idea.
  says NDP would immediately decrim small amounts of weed. Time for discussion on regulation/taxing it.
 moving on from cruise ship issues. Next up is pot legalization.
Q on cruise ship effluent in Cdn waters: Galloway seemed best prepped with stats on waste. Gann offers one line and taps out.
 said while he doesn't support specifics of sewage plan, "it's time to get on with it."
  calls sewage treatment a "mini-Enbrige pipeline in our own backyard." Says need to wait for better technology.
 first Q is about (shocker) sewage treatment. up first, says feds stepped up with $ when region asked.
  touts his biz experience, bringing tech sector to Vic. "I believe in Mr. Harper's vision."
  jumps right into strong opposition to secondary sewage treatment. Calls acceptance "soviet-style nightmare."
  hits all the hot button issues on opener. Oil tankers, environmental law, aboriginal rights.
  says culture in Parliament hijacked. Calls govt "secret and deceptive."
 forum in James Bay starting now. Denise Savoie kicks things off with a quick hello to big applause.
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