Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who is Running for the Councils?

The mayor's seat is open in Victoria as Alan Lowe is not running again, but who will run for his post?

The NDP have closed down their local affiliate the VCE. I think this is a huge mistake on their part as brand names or labels on the ballot are so important in bigger centres to get anyone elected. The simple reality is that few people are well enough known to be able to win a seat on council in Victoria or Saanich without having their affiliation on the ballot. The loss of the VCE will hurt the left in the council elections.

What will also hurt the left is the fact the Dean Fortin is giving up his seat. Incumbency is the single most important factor in the Victoria and Saanich elections. He may run for mayor, I give him a slim chance in a two person race and good odds if there are two candidates to the right of him. Dean Fortin is strongly oriented towards partisan political positions in my opinion. The mayor of the city can have strong political beliefs, but they have to be someone that can work across all political beliefs. I worry he could suffer from the problems David Turner had when he was mayor.

At the moment the most prominent name from the right side for the mayor's chair is Robin Adair. I think he is an interesting and good guy, but I think we have a few better people out there that should consider making a run for the job.

I would love to see Bruce Hallsor make a run at it. His politics are on the right but I have seen the amazing diplomacy he has and his ability to work with people from all political beliefs and treat them with respect.

I would also like to see Chris Coleman put his name forward. He and I are almost 100% in accord with what the city of Victoria and the region needs for the future. He is smart and thoughtful and can work across the political spectrum.

We should see several vacancies on the Victoria city council this time around but I am not sure who the people would be that could win them. I believe that anyone that organizes a formal slate will be able to win a large number of the seats on the next council.

Saanich another time.
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