Monday, September 01, 2008

17 People already in the race in Victoria

The city of Victoria has a lot of interest for council positions, 17 people are now running for the 8 positions. 5 Incumbents and 11 new people and one former councilor.

I am quite certain that the five current councilors will get elected again, this only leaves three slots for the other 12. So who do I think has the best odds?

Top Tier:
These three are the favorites in the race to win the empty council seats.
  • Lynn Hunter - for MP and people still remember her name
  • Rob Reid - Popular local store owner and generally Mr Nice
  • Philipe Lucas - he came so close last time, I think having three open spots gives him strong odds of getting in.

Next Tier
The candidates need to be on on their A game now and press a lot of flesh if they hope to take one of the spots.
  • Robert Randall - head of the Downtown Residents Association
  • Susan Woods - Host of Remember When on CFAX
  • Pieta VanDyke - Councilor from the 1980s

Unlikely to matter in the race:
Unless something dramatic happens or one of them shows up with a 100 member campaign team, these people are simply not in the race at this time.
  • Allen Jones - Concerned Citizens Coalition
  • David Burke - Concerned Citizens Coalition
  • Gregory Hartnell - Concerned Citizens Coalition
  • Michael Sharpe - owner of Roxys - I may move him up if I see a lot of campaigning from him
  • John Farquharson - not sure what to make of him and how hard he will campaign
  • Winona Waldron - there was an announcement she was running some time ago, but nothign since then
I suspect there will be more council candidates in Victoria coming out of the woodwork in the next month. What I see missing is any strong right of centre contingent running for council, soI expect to see some of them soon.

So far no other municipality is anywhere close to Victoria in their races. In the case of View Royal it is still a complete blank - last time the race was an acclamation.

I have also not heard even a whisper about School Board races.

If you know anyone running and I do not have them here on the site, please let me know.
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