Sunday, May 16, 2010

Esquimalt High Track and Tennis Courts

I find it rather depressing to see the state of the track at Esquimalt High

This view does not really show how bad it is.  If you look from the parking lot near the portables, you can see it is basically falling apart.

There are also a set of tennis courts on the grounds, but they have weeds growing through the pavement.   

It is a said statement on the way SD #61 is run that this infrastructure has been allowed to decay to the point of where it is not realistic to repair it.    Why is there no one on staff at the district office who has the job to secure capital funding for projects like repairing the track and tennis courts?   Why is there no active fundraising by SD#61 in the same way that UVic fundraises?   Why is there no serious attempt to access foundation money for the schools?   
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