Sunday, May 16, 2010

Camden Green Development in View Royal

This development is located close to VGH.  I have no idea why the name as there are no greens around here at least the street it borders on is called Camden.  The location would be a very good one for a nurse working at VGH.  In general the development seems to be oriented to people buying their first place.  Of the 48 units, 40 are one bedroom, 4 are two bedroom and three are the tiny bachelors.

What I find interesting is how small some of the units are, Residence 8 has an area of 406 square feet.  There is one unit of this size on each level.  I am assuming the unit available for $189,900 is the 406 square unit on the ground floor.

406 square feet is really small, this is 20' by 20'.   You can cover this with twelve and half a sheets of plywood.  A queen bed is 6'8" by 5'.   A six person dining table is 3'6" by 5'.   I am amazed at how small a unit this is.

There are some cool aspects to the development, specifically their use of geothermal heat for the development.
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